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Adey Steel Group feature in Rail Technology Magazine

4th July 2015

The Adey Steel Group have appeared in a recent edition of Rail Technology magazine discussing the incredible progress in railway electrification and our own involvement in this process.

Since electrification was introduced 133 years ago, it has gone from covering a quarter mile of track back then to the majority of the UK today. Approximately 60% of all rail journeys are powered electrically, totalling over 6,000 miles of track – a figure that looks set to the climb significantly in the coming years.

We are a growing supplier of Overhead Line Electrification Structures to various route modernisation projects such as Great Western, Great Eastern and test tracks including High Marnham where the Series 1 design was developed.

Experienced and approved suppliers of Series 1, Series 2 and OLEMI electrification steelwork, we have delivered 3800 Tonnes of OLE structures to the Great Western Route Modernisation Project to date.