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Our BIM Capabilities:

Tekla has been at the forefront of Building Information Modelling (BIM) development and a leading advocate since its inception in the early two thousands. Adey Technical uses the latest versions of Tekla Structures to carry our all detailing work and we are therefore able to offer detail rich BIM models with all attributes intact that meet all required BIM standards.

BIM Overview:

Building Information Modelling offers the capacity to improve waste reduction, value creation and productivity across the construction sector. BIM moves away from using conventional word-processing and 2D-CAD by making the CAD steel design model the primary tool for documentation. BIM can take 3D modelling to a new level of coordination with other trades and can incorporate 4D scheduling & 5D cost analysis as part of the model data. In essence, BIM involves building a digital prototype of the model and simulating it in a digital world.

Tekla BIMsight is a software for model-based project cooperation. It is available free of charge for anyone to install and start using from the Internet. This easy-to-access application presents the complete construction project including all necessary building information from different construction disciplines. Tekla BIMsight is much more than a new Tekla viewer: you can communicate using the building information model with anyone, not just Tekla Structures or other BIM software users.