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Adey Steel Successfully Secure Order for Tubefeeder for Biomass Sector

14th June 2016

Following the success of previous projects involving the use of a Tubefeeder, Adey have developed their expertise and have firmly established a core specialism in the intricate fabrication that is involved with the design and functionality of a Tubefeeder. Their previous success has led to them being taken of board to assemble and deliver a Tubefeeder for the Biomass Sector in Fife, Scotland.

The 11 metre unit will be a key tool in extracting bulk stored woodchip in order to create eco-friendly energy quickly and reliably. 

Adey Steel will also be assembling the innovative, rotating screw conveyer that is the most intrinsic mechanism of the entire unit.

How the Tubefeeder works…

The profiled outer tube is 11 metres long, and is fitted with an inner screw weldment complete with a fully welded, machined drive shaft assembly. Each separate element rotates independently to force and extract woodchip pellets from bulk storage silos. The equipment is finished in a sacrificial primer paint coating to protect the items prior to installation and commissioning.