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Adey Steel land a large contract with Saxlund International

15th January 2017

Saxlund International are one of Adey Steel’s key customers, and they have recently contracted the Adey team to design and manufacture a gasification facility in Shepperton, Surrey.

The gasification facility Adey are designing will incorporate the newest fluidised bed gasification technology which produces synthetic gas from Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

The main bunker is to be constructed from around 250 tonnes of steel that will provide the storage and discharge of RDF to feed the gasification facility.

The project, which is for the new Charlton Lane Eco Park in Surrey, will see general waste collected from homes and businesses across northern Surrey. This food waste which will be around 40,000 tonnes will be Anaerobically Digested to make synthetic gas. The synthetic gas will provide 3.5MWe energy through to the national grid delivering enough energy to provide power for around 8,000 homes in the region!