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6 Metre Wide Fabrication Bay Door Now Completed

26th April 2013

Door widening works have now been completed to one of Steel Shop Ltd.’s main fabrication bay doors enabling loads of up to 6m in width to leave the workshop. This increase in width is required in order to cater for the increasing number of large scale fabrications the company is producing for key clients.

Recently won orders have meant that work up to 5.5 metres in width will be leaving Door 3 during 2013 and a number of other promising leads for Steel Shop would need the full 6 metre width to ensure the final fabrications could be taken out safely.

The 10 metre internal lifting height and 10 tonne crane capacity means lifting and turning large fabrications within the shop has never been an issue, however the additional door width now enables Steel Shop to pursue opportunities for works such as large scale silos, tanks and bridges that previously were too wide to leave the factory safely.

If you have need for any large scale (or otherwise) fabrications please feel free to get in touch with our team.